We are all students first. By guiding students through their practice, we create space for authenticity, presence, and peace. There is no greater joy than sharing in a student's journey and creating a sacred, safe space (a hOMe) for our community in which to grow. Our instructors are eager to share their love of this practice with students of all levels, shapes, sizes, ages, and ability. Learn more about our team below.


Lynn Patton

Kristen Yuhas

 I  have been practicing yoga since 2003 and began teaching in 2010. Yoga had begun as a way to relieve stress and drop baby weight but quickly shifted from a physical practice to affecting not only my body but my life as a whole. What I discovered was that yoga was more than an exercise class—it was a lifestyle and had affected everyone and everything in my life in an amazing and positive way. By spending time on my mat, I discovered the person I wanted to be off my mat and in my life. In 2011, I completed a Baptiste Power Yoga training and began my journey as a teacher. From there, Life Coaching with Deborah Williamson and The Art of Assisting Program were next to follow. After attending Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training with Live, Love, Teach, the decision to open Peace of Mind Yoga Studio in Conyngham, PA was the next step for me to take which came so naturally and unfolded organically. Within that year, POM became a 200 Hr. Registered Yoga School and began training teachers on their own personal journey in Power Vinyasa.  Yoga Body Bootcamp, Child Light Certification for the opportunity to share yoga with my 2 children, immersions, and modules with many amazing teachers over the years expanded my practice as well as my teaching to include many types of disciplines such as yin and restorative. I have built upon my yoga experiences and trainings to mold a personal practice of presence and connection and feel this reflection in each class I teach. Sharing yoga heart to heart and being given the opportunity to guide practices at Peace of Mind Yoga Studio has been a reward and blessing beyond measure. I continue to and am committed to sharing this beautiful practice of mind, body, and spirit with my students and community. I am so very grateful for the students that have filled our little space with love and light and for each and every soul I have met along the way.




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    Lynn has been teaching yoga since 2009. She began practicing yoga in 2003 maybe once a week or once every other week. It wasn't until she discovered Baron Baptiste in 2004 at a Personal Revolution Weekend that her practice changed. She went from practicing yoga once in a while to just about every day. Something about Baptiste Power Yoga spoke to her Loud and Clear. She didn't know that weekend was going to be the beginning of a life changing transformation. Baron poked and prodded, and allowed her to dig deep within herself-deeper than she ever did in her entire life. She learned to let go of resentments, fear and self doubt.

    Since that first weekend Lynn has attended many other Personal Revolution Weekends, All Day Immersions, Teacher Training Level 1 bootcamp and Teacher Training Level 2 bootcamp, and Teacher Training Level 3: Beyond Borders. The Art of Assisting, The Advanced Art of Assisting and several Foundations in Action workshops.

     Lynn has taken training at several Live, Love, Teach Advanced Teacher Trainings. Early in 2011 Lynn became a 200 hr.Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher. In 2013 she became a 500 hr. Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher.

     As Lynn continues her journey of growth and change, she strives to take her students and those around her for the ride. She teaches from a place of love and compassion, while offering a sweaty and fun approach to her classes. Lynn is inspired by each and every one of her students as she watches them experience their own awakenings. She finds the process endlessly empowering.



E RYT 500

Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

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"I feel truly blessed to be a part of Peace of Mind Yoga community, for I am continually amazed by it's complete sense of unity."

"I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible community at Peace of Mind Yoga Studo....the energy is amazing. I am open to possibility  and so excited to share this love of yoga with all our students."

E RYT 200

Certifications: Power Vinyasa, Child Light,            Yin, YBBootcamp

Having participated in many forms of physical fitness throughout her life – from karate in her youth, to weights and treadmill cardio in high school and college, to elliptical and power cycling or “spinning” in her adult life, the discovery of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga in 2009 was what would be the turning point i...n Dina Stewart’s life.  She found her strength, her voice, her passion.  She found strength not only in her physical body but also in her mind and in her spirit. Her practice has evolved to include several styles of yoga.  Dina has also made a personal commitment to the daily practice of yoga. Through her example, she inspires others to get on their mat daily in order to experience their own personal transformation and unfolding journey.  In the interest of being able to share her passion with her daughter, she became a Certified Childlight Yoga Instructor in November of 2011.  In May 2012, she completed training through the Always at Aum Yoga School to obtain her 200 hour RYT certification.  In November 2013, Dina graduated from Boundless Yoga Training at Sundari Yoga in Stroudsburg, PA with her 500 hour RYT certification.  Dina has also attended continuing yoga education training with Seane Corn at the Yoga Loft in Bethlehem, PA , Angelique Sandas at Balance Yoga and Wellness, Forty Fort, PA , Leslie Kaminoff at Dana Hot Yoga in Bala Cynwyd, PA, and Don and Amba Stapleton of Nosara Yoga Institute at Kripalu, Massachusetts.    Dina is also a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider!!!

Dina Stewart




200 hr RYT



"Yoga has changed my way of living and has made me a better person in more ways than I can explan"


Cheryl was officially diagnosed with chrons disease in 1999 and didn't know which way to turn. She tried other forms of exercise and got what she needed physically but not mentally and emotionally. She started to practice yoga at various studios and fell in love with it. She then participated in the 40 day program at Peace of Mind Yoga Studio not once but twice. From that point on she noticed her disease was getting better. Teacher training was offered at Peace of Mind so she decided to take it to the next level and since she has graduated she loves every minute of it.






 Jenny Pecora  





Lucy Valente

               E-RYT 200

Certified Gentle Yoga Instructor

Certified Chair Yoga Instructor

 Cheryl Mizenko


 I started practicing yoga in 2012 to compliment my running hobby and I have been hooked ever since.  I recently completed my RYT 200 at Peace of Mind Studio under Lynn Patton and Kristen Yuhas.  Yoga has helped me get over some tough hurdles in my life and I want to bring that to others.  The practice of yoga itself, to me, means letting go; letting go of all the “stories” we tell ourselves when we let our minds wander, and letting go of what holds us back.

Through my teacher training, I learned where I was really stuck in my life and was able to identify the number one thing that was holding me back.  In 2002, my younger brother, Michael Wagner, was killed in a terrible car accident.  I didn’t realize how hard I was holding onto this and how much it was showing up in my life every day.  It was showing up as fear.  Fear of losing again, fear of trying new things, because to me, any risk could possibly result in a loss.  I pushed people away, I was angry and reactive.   Yoga has helped me to identify and to work through my fears.  I was able to switch my feelings of fear to feelings of gratitude.  I changed the “story” I was constantly telling myself.  

Personally, I like to spread a little yoga and love everywhere I go and teaching helps me connect with people in a way that creates positivity both in others and in myself.

Ultimately, I plan on continuing my teacher training to become 500 RYT and a certified life coach.  

    Lucy Valente studied Yoga Teacher Training at The YogaLife Institute in Wayne, Pennsylvania, one of the most established schools of classical yoga philosophy and practice in the country. In April 2010, she completed her Yoga Teacher training that has encompassed yoga philosophy and spirituality, yoga lifestyle, pose structure and anatomy, mental and physical alignment, breath work, chakras, meditation, diet and nutrition.


    Practicing for 10 years, Lucy considers herself a life-long student of yoga study. She continues her on-going yoga education by attending numerous intensives, workshops, and seminars of yoga study. While attending The YogaLife Institute and Kirpalu Center for Yoga and Health, she has expanded her practice knowledge to include exposure to different yoga styles including Vinyasa, Anusara, Iyengar,Yin Yoga, and Power Yoga.


    Lucy is committed to passing on the gifts of Yoga by helping others deepen and enrich their practice. Her focus is on the mind-body connection through movement, alignment, breath with intention, balance and awareness. Her singular goal is to create an atmosphere to permit her students to experience Yoga at its most holistic and personally transforming level taking the experience from yoga mat into their daily lives.

        Mary C.King

RYT 200



Mary is a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006, who strongly believes in the healing power of the human touch. Her yoga practice gives her the replenishment and balance she needs to perform and heal at her best. Her patients benefit from her advice on posture, stretching and breathing. Yoga has shown her self love, inner peace and given her incredible flexibility and strength. Power Vinyasa yoga challenged her in new and inspiring ways; mentally, physically and emotionally. Mary completed her 200 RYT in January 2017 at Peace of Mind Yoga Studio. There she experienced the power of self exploration and the freedom of letting go, so she could make peace with her past to make space for her future.That is why and what she wants to teach. She has truly become a better version of herself on and off the mat. Mary teaches with tremendous passion. She is overjoyed to have the opportunity to share it with the world around her. Yoga has saved her life in many ways and she hopes to inspire and save others through her teaching. Her lifelong journey of yoga has just begun and it will never end.


200 hr RYT


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  Samantha Fenicchia  

200 hr RYT



Samantha is a 200 hour certified yoga instructor through Mission Yoga & Movement in Scranton Pa. Samantha enjoys teaching all levels and power Vinyasa and is also a Level 1 Certified Reiki Practitioner. She first fell in love with yoga after coming to her first class at Peace of Mind and has been practicing now for 3 years and plans to continue her yoga education in the near future. Samantha is a certified wedding coordinator and is active on The Miss Greater Hazleton & Race for CDH board of directors.  







  Certified Yoga Instroctor