Wear something comfortable and easy to move in.


Come10 minutes early to set up and get settled in prior to class.


Stay hydrated during the day and avoid a heavy meal prior to class.


Bring a large towel and a bottle of waterfor practice.


(Mats, bolsters,blocks,straps are all provided for student use).

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Class Descriptions

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*Single Class ~ $14.00 walk in

*10 Class Package ~ $110.00

(6 month expiration/ 1 user/card)

*Unlimited Monthly ~ $108.00

*Student Rate ~ $10.00

*Military Class Cards ~ $100


Private Sessions available $50-$75/hour (varies with instructors)


Private Group Sessions Available. Please inquire about rates and off location classes.  


Give the present of PRESENCE with our gift certificates! It's the perfect gift for any occasion.  


Prepare for Class

ALL LEVELS VINYASA FLOW is designed for every yogi from beginner to advanced. Our power vinyasa flow connects movement with breath as we peel away layers to allow for possibilities with mindful movement and intention. All levels vinyasa flow focuses on exploration and explanation.  


HOUR OF POWER is a  heated class which powers out our Baptiste sequence in 60 minutes. This class is a faster pace which connects breath to movement for a powerful, energetic flow. Although this class is at a faster pace, it is still suitable for students new to yoga that are looking for a mix of cardio as well as deeper streches at the end of class. There are modifications for new students as well as “the next step” for more seasoned yogis.


GENTLE FLOW guides students through our vinyasa flow easily with concentration on stretching and breath work. Moving at a slower pace, this class allows time to go deeper and explore the asanas. Easy flow is offered in a slightly warmer room with focus on alignment and foundational instruction.


MEDITATION/DEEP RELAXATIONRelax and release as our instructor leads us through a guided meditation. This class (or portion of a class) focuses on unwinding and decompressing. It is a great addition to our physical asana as we quiet the mind, breathe, and listen from within.


YIN is a mediatative , cooling practice with the  physical focus much deeper than our yang like vinyasa flow. This restorative practice accesses the deeper tissues such as the connective tissues and fascia. Yin allows space for the student to get intimate with the self as we spend time in each shape. Yin's connection of body and mind is a perfect compliment to our vinyasa flow. This restorative practice is offered in a room temperature environment so dress for comfort.


YIN/YANG FLOW incorporates the masculine energy of the vinyasa flow and balances it with the feminine energy of yin. This pratice gives you a balance of each energy. In this hour long class, equal time will be given to move through and create heat through a vinyasa flow as well as the restorative, cooling practice of yin in deeper stretches with longer holds.


KIDS SESSIONS offers yoga in a fun filled atmosphere for our youngest yogis. While, physically, yoga promotes strength, flexibility, and coordination, the benefits of stress reduction and relaxation go beyond measure for a child in today's busy world. Yoga sends a positive message of confidence and self acceptance . Through community service activities and class interaction and socialization, children learn respect and compassion. Yoga improves concentration and focus which gives our youngest practitioners time to unwind.


STUDENT/ATHLETE YOGA is perfect for preteen or high school students looking to increase stamina, create core strength, improve balance, and  focus on breath. Yoga strengthens the body as a whole which guards against injury and improves athletic performance as well as boosting the immune system. The physical practice of yoga incorporates cardio as well as deeper stretches while the disconnection from phones, tv, and outside influences gives these yogis time to unplug which is not only helpful but necessary to recharge and reconnect to themselves.


SUBTLE YOGA  or meditation in motion is a breath focused grounding practice designed to nourish your nervous system. Discover how breath focus can release tension and cultivate ease in your body and mind incorporated into mindful movement.


YOGA NIDRA or yogic sleep is a deep relaxation as we move through a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, With an instructor's verbal suggestions, we move through suggestion in this state of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness.  Nidra calms the mind through stillness and we leave feeling refreshed and rested.








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“The moment I planted my hands, the minute I grounded my feet, as soon as I steadied my breat along with my racing mind, peace washed over me. The music, heat, and energy kissed my heart in a thousnad ways and I knew right there on my mat, I was OM...mind, body, and soul.”